Make a Room For the Pets. How room decor and pets correlate.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

As I search for products and supplies to post on my website, I ran across this on I was so intrigued and wished that I had come up with this ingenious idea. Pet parents go all out for the fur babies. Some of them spare no expense either!

Pet rooms or nicely decorated pet corners. They take space in the home and create lovely "rooms for the dog (mostly). I thought well, that's a great idea. Give your pampered pet space in the house that is just for them.

Start with a bed. Look at our selection of unique style pet beds, Add an automatic feeder and water. Put up a shelf to hold a picture of his beautiful paw print, holds his leash for walks, and maybe some small shrub for greenery. Let's then add some pictures on the wall around the shelf for an added pop! I saw some really cute dog prints while searching around the net. Get a nice soft plush pet blanket and add a couple of his favorite toys and viola! You have a room for the pet baby!

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