That's one pampered pet! The Love of a Pet Changes lives.

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Hey, pet families! I just want to say hello and thanks for stopping to take some time to hang out with us at Pampered Pets! I am a mom of three (human) babies myself. They are all grown up now and have produced their own babies, which means I have grandbabies now!

We didn't have pets when the children were small, we waited until they were at or near the rebellious teenage years. I think it saved my middle girl. We got a mixed breed (mutt) from a coworker of mine at the time. He was just off his mommies nipples when we got him. He was so very cute. We named him Gordo, a playoff of our last name. he had stripes on the top and dots on the bottom! Mixed with dalmatian and something else. He turned out to be the best thing for the family. He brought us closer together, instantly. We all gathered around watching him, walking him, and feeding him. What I like to call giving our best self to him.

We want to help you pamper your pet baby the same way that we pampered our Gordo. We shopped all the time and enjoyed all the new things that came with having a new pet baby. We bought several new chewing toys, pet beds, and treats for him to try!

You will have a new kind of joy! You both will light up every time you come home from work, the store, or whatever the reason may be that you would have to leave your pet baby at home. We will also introduce some awesome on the go products to help you take your baby with you and ensure that all goes well.

After all, that is one pampered pet that you have there.

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